Friday and Saturday evenings, enjoy a family style dinner in the tradition of the Authentic Italian 5 Course Dinner: Coming soon!

Course 1, The Antipasto - "Before the meal" - the snack, something to nibble on

Course 2, The Primo - Pasta or "primo" is traditionally served as the appetizer in Italy, not the main event - also acceptable are soups, rice and polenta dishes

Course 3, The Secondo - Main course, or "il secondo" - chicken, meat or fish entrees

Course 4, The Contorno - The platter of vegetables that accompanies the main course - the word "contorno" loosely translates as contours and refers to the fact that the vegetable course helps shape and define the meal

Course 5, The Dolce - The sweet that ends a traditional Italian meal


The dining experience will be launched soon.  There will be one seating at 7:30 pm - served Family Style in the tradition of the Italian 5 Course.  Click the Menu tab on the website for the weekly dining selection, which changes theme regularly.